Friday, January 11, 2008

TV Habits of Nearby Neighbors. And Wes’ Driving. And Me Drumming.

TV Habits of Nearby Neighbors. And Wes’ Driving. And Me Drumming.
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I'm taking a calculated Brooding Break from my devastation with regard to the Absolute Fucking Dipshit Asshats who are the Chicago Fire Department (my firefighter friends excluded). No, actually, right now I DON'T want to talk about it.

It's hard to blog and talk to my friend in VA at the same time.

Luke and I take an "alternate route" home to our apartment, so that Mommy With Crazy, Unfounded Fear of Making Left-Hand Turns Phobia Woman can swing an easy right into the driveway instead of waiting for all the Busy Street Traffic to disperse in a Vain Attempt to Make A Left Home.

This alternate route, as Luke coined it, involves going around the block, slowly past the houses on the nice quiet side street. Slowly because 3 ginormous speed bumps are involved. Going over one particular speed bump, Luke is awarded the opportunity to see what this one household is always watching on television.

Luke: "Tonight, they're watching 'Spongebob.' I saw Mister Krabs with his arm around Spongebob. Last night, they were watching 'The Simpsons,' because I saw Homer. Do they only watch shows with yellow characters in them?"

Me: "That's a good question. Should we go back and ask them?"
Luke: "No. Why are so many cartoon characters yellow?"
Me: "Well, yellow is a happy color."
Luke: "Whatever. Mr. Sienkiewicz (ed. note: Wes) drives like a maniac."

(Nice abrupt change o' topic, kid!)

Me: "Yeah, he does. Remember that time he was in front of us on Foster and he jumped out of the car at the red light to say hi, and yickety-yacked until after the light changed? Then he sped away at like 50 miles an hour down Canfield."
Luke: "Yeah, that was funny."

(My turn to abruptly change topics.)

After school today, Adam (Luke's best friend, Wes' son) was telling me his elaborate cologne story, after I told him how Lucas said Adam's armpits smelled like berries the other day.

Adam: "I was wearing cologne!"
Me: "Oh! Wow! Are you wearing cologne today?"
Adam: "No, it's Friday."
Me: "You only wear cologne on certain days?"
Adam (losing train of thought): "My mommy didn't have time this morning....."
Adam: "When I wear cologne, Annette tugs on my arm, and pokes me, and fights with me, and won't leave me alone."
Me: "So when you wear cologne, you're a chick magnet, is that it?"
Adam: "You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? (walking away)"
Me (in the distance): "Apparently not!"

Tonight was band practice. I was sort of, kinda not looking forward to it, purely because I'd have to fess up my Total Miserable Failure to my band, and while I always find playing with the band cathartic and hugely uplifting, I was just in a crappy mood all day.

But the usual goofy antics betwixt myself and Juls, combined with Bob's corny jokes (I think I did like 4 rim shots tonight), Don recording us and Jen offering her wit and wisdom all helped to smooth my mood, put a smile on my face and we were surprsingly on target with our mutual chops this evening.

One of this week's songs, "Testify to Love," I've never played w/the band before, and they haven't done it in like 2 years, so we all pretty much had to start from scratch. It's a very complicated tune, both vocally and musically, so we tweaked it a lot tonight. Now I have this crash out (oooh, drummer talk! Quiz later!) followed by 3 hits to the hi-hat, and then a big, big, big elaborate fill into the final chorus, which is really groovy and fun, but Holy! Christ! do I hope I don't Totally! Mess! It! Up! tomorrow night! At least it sounded really good on the rehearsal recording. So yay. Hopefully, at some time not-so-far-in-the-not-so-distant-future, we'll get these new tracks uploaded as mp3's and post them to our Praise Band myspace page, so keep your ears open.

After practice, I got me some serious Burger King action. I try and shy away from junky fast food except for every few weeks or so, but I was not up to cooking when I got home, and a cheeseburger sounded just about right. But out of the corner of my eye, I could swear my "Fry Pod" (holy stupid name for a cardboard container full of grease, Batman!) said, on the side, "Crap-o-Matic." That, of course, would be much more apropos. It says "Crisp-o-Matic." Still queer.

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