Friday, December 28, 2007

The Congas are in the Living Room.

The congas are in the living room. Oy Vey.
Current mood: froggy
Category: Music

I'm still not sure WHY, but I brought Steven's congas home from church the other night after a meeting. Probably because I am, for the most part, done with the more solemn, acoustically-based contemporary services at church and can go back to a'rockin, and at some juncture, I have to take the congas back to Steven, not that he's used them in some time...

Meanwhile, Luke got an electric guitar and amp from Craig's mom for Christmas, which is now here at my house. I'm all for his musical aspirations and encourage him to rock out, though I was a tad miffed when he chose to do so when I was trying to sleep in this snowy morning.

The first draft of his Christmas list included a junior drum kit AND an electric guitar, and I was all for Santa throwing the drums onto his sleigh and delivering them to Camp Swanky, but draft 2 poo-poo'd the drums in favor of the guitar. I was a little disappointed because at least with the drums, I could teach him a little something. But perhaps his idea was to more well-round out the family band....or drive me nuts.

He just finished a piece on the congas in the other room, and then came in and asked me...

Luke: "Was that good?"

Me: "It was okay."

Luke: "Am I better than you?"

Me: "No."

Luke: "On a scale, if you're a ten, what am I?"

Me: "A three."

Luke: "GRRRRR!"

It's our weekend together, so I'm sure a few jam sessions will be on the agenda. Hopefully, the neighbors have cotton for their ears.