Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kids. They Grow Up So Fast.

Kids. They Grow Up So Fast.
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Luke: "I have more than one arm hair (holding up armpit)."
Me: "You do not."
(Luke turns towards lamp.)
Me: "I'll be dipped! You do!"

Would be far more frightening if my 8-year old was showing me a chest hair. Whew.

Pre-Luke-Birthday Blabber
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My son turns 8 tomorrow, not 27, contrary to his typical behavior.

Luke: "I wish every year you could actually give birth to me again."
Me: "Yeah, because a c-section is SO! MUCH! FUN!"
Luke: "That'd be cool."
Me: "Son, have you any idea how uncomfortable I was at the end of my pregnancy? You actually want me to go through that EVERY YEAR?"
Luke: "Yeah."
Me: "Grandma Nancy couldn't come to the hospital right away when I was in labor with you because she was making a meatloaf."
Luke (laughing): "What?"
Me: "Yeah, Daddy went to call her and she said she couldn't come because she was making a meatloaf."
Daddy: "No, she said she couldn't come RIGHT AWAY because she'd just put the MEATLOAF in the OVEN. She came as soon as it was done, though."
Luke: "How long was I in your tummy?"
Me: "Almost 9 months (ed. note: Luke was 2 weeks early.)"
Luke: "Wow."
Luke: "Not like nine years?"
Me: "No. Humans don't gestate like elephants or whatever."

(I vaguely recall telling my obstetrician that I loved him when he said I could deliver Luke on January 16th, seeing as I was in early labor, and telling the doctor that I absolutely couldn't stand to be pregnant for ONE! MORE! DAY! I think Craig's reaction was more "Get the baby out so Andrea will stop bitching constantly about how uncomfortable she is.")

(Sidebar: That very meatloaf then sat in my and Craig's freezer for many months to follow.)

Luke: "It'd be funnier if you gave birth to a meatloaf."
Me: "True."

Luke: "I was born at 7:28 pm?"
Me: "Yes."
Luke: "You weren't there when I was born."
Me: "It'd have been hard for me NOT to have been there."
Luke: "You weren't awake when I was born."
Me: "I beg to differ!"

(Asking Craig how the c-section looked from his perspective, after the baby was born...."There was SO! MUCH! BLOOD!" But Craig was a champ. Stayed conscious the whole time, as did I, well, except after I kept saying "Yeah, I feel pain, you better give me more Fentanyl. THANK YOU!!!!!!" That shit rocks. P.S. It's all sorts of strange when you get an itch on your nose while your arms are strapped down and your abdomen is open from stem to stern and you have to request a personal nose scratcher. Friggin' weird.)

So more to follow tomorrow, when my favorite little meatloaf actually turns 8.

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