Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Luke’s Observations While Motoring Today...

Luke’s Observations While Motoring Today...
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After school today, Luke and I had to make a quick detour to our neighborhood US Post Office to drop off a package. Just one package, which I had pre-postaged, so it was a really brief jaunt.

We walked in, dumped the package and walked out.

Luke: "That's ALL we had to do here? Why'd we drive all the way over here if that's all we were going to do?"

Me: "Because it'd have been difficult to get the package to the post office any other way, son."

Luke: "Anyway, on Wikipedia..."


On Harlem, not far from our house, we were behind the most humongous, obnoxious pickup truck that has ever existed. It's one of those XL trucks, but pimped out even more ridiculously with the addition of four extra wheels and some obscure widening device, thereby allowing it to take up more than a lane and a half. It also bore IL Firefighter plates, so this was clearly a Testosteronemobile. ("Hurry, Short-Coming Boy! Rev up the Compensatemobile! Our pillaging radar has been activated!")

After Luke and I laughed heartily about the Goofy Truck, he said:


...and segued into the following observation:

"Catholics don't pray to Mary. They pray to Cathy."

Me: "Mrs. Sienkiewicz?"

Luke: "Yes, get it? Cathy---Catholics!?!?!?!"

Me: "Ha! Who knew?"

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