Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Today’s Dumb Stuff

Today’s Dumb Stuff
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Weird day. My head hurts. Badly.

From Luke's
Cub Scout leader..note the misspelling of "Oops." Grrr.

Now I'm relegated to shouting "OOOOOFFFFSSSS!" all night.

"OOOphs! I changed the January 23rd meeting to January 21st and there is no school that day. So, now it is on January 28th!! Sorry for the confusion!"

This would all be far more relevant had I read any of the original notes that preceeded today's and had any clue that any meeting was taking place at any time in the future. See, ignorance really IS bliss--if all of my son's after-school activities are going to be changed several times over before anyone commits to a given date, why bother stressing myself with the preliminary negotiations?

Prior to picking up Luke from an after-school religion class, I stopped at the grocery store. You know how your local store has the ambient overhead music playing in the background for your shopping pleasure? FYI--the Jewel at Cumberland and Lawrence in Norridge totally fucking ROCKS. Their parking lot is too small, their prices not the most competitive, but Sweet! Christ!

The automatic doors opened to welcome me, whereupon I heard, at a VERY ODDLY LOUD decibel level, Kiss' "Rock n' Roll All Nite." The store was sparsely crowded at the time, chiefly filled with elderly shoppers. Meanwhile, it was all I could do to retain composure and not completely crack up at the dichotomy between KISS and the people with walkers stocking up on cottage cheese.

From there, I picked up Luke at school/church. The religion class he had was held in the lunchroom, adjacent to the cooking area/coffee pot, et al. Pastor came to refill his New! Mug! with some java, and then from behind me, I heard him ask Ginger (the church's Director of Christian Outreach, who led the class) if "Annie could come back here for a second." "Oh shit!," I thought to myself, "Now what did I do?" Pastor merely wanted me to see his New! Mug! Across it, it read, in big, bold, red print, "YOU SUCK." Below it, it said, "That's why you need Jesus." He'd ordered it from, sort of a Christian version of The Onion. In any case, my influence and flair for the not-quite insulting jokes about Christianity are rubbing off, finally!

Luke was in a horrible mood when we got home. He'd been sparring with his sort-of friend, Brandon, the whole afternoon, culminating in Luke slamming his arm on the door rail out of school on his way out, thereby ensuring that he'd cry and whine the whole way home. What fun! His mood improved after he'd cooked a homemade snack and settled down for another chat on his web cam with my nephew.

I'm loosely subscribed to a personals site on an alternative Chicago weekly newspaper site, which is where I most recently ran into Rob again, but that's another Oprah show. Today, imagine my horror when I scanned the profile of this really adorable, intelligent, overtly Lutheran guy....only to come to the realization via clues in his profile that he's the younger brother of one of my best friends from college. A tad too incestuous for me personally, but further proves that Chicago is really a small town trapped in a big city's body.

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