Saturday, January 12, 2013

Today, on my Tangled Interwebs.

OK, I hadn't heard the song above in probably close to 20 years. That whole "Father passing away" part makes me want to weep. Damn you, YouTube suggestions!

Today couldn't have been more craptastically yucky, as have the weeks prior to and during the holidays. NOT a good time for me, universally and historically. But alas, I managed not to commit suicide...again. 

To sum things up quickly, I took a screen capture of my longest, most vile Facebook status update I could think of: 

I looked at my Facebook page rather keenly today, and marveled at the morose tone my present "likes" have taken on especially in caring about Don Rickles' opinion about, well, anything!

Sums things up nicely: 

Hands down! The BEST 5 minutes of Luke's already epic life. Or maybe "Don't trust kids in the kitchen." Mind you, I was upstairs roaring with laughter the whole time. My mom steals the show:

Of course he did. He's Wayne Fucking Coyne. Call the "Whoops!" police. Oh wait. They're already there.

Received a very special set from Best Male Friend with a "Have a Great Semester" note with it. Peanuts' Lucy and her psychiatric booth (technically a salt & pepper shaker set, that attaches magnetically, but I'm just putting it on my desk for funzies):

The Doctor is Out. Cold.

Or, more bluntly:

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