Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Twelve Days of a Guy Friend Christmas: Day 9: The 400 lb Gorilla in the Room

Tag read: "Abbey Road was an XL, so squeeze into it!"

The Rolling Stones are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year as a band. They recently released a new "best-of" CD with a couple of new songs on it, and the above graphic is on the cover of said CD. It's totally bitchin'. I love it (the shirt, and the greatest hits compilation).

When Guy said to "squeeze into it," he wasn't kidding. I will exchange it (it's a Junior's small) for, most likely, an XL, which'll still accentuate my (legitimately disproportionate, but they're real) chest. I'm totally flattered that he thinks I'd fit into a small, which I would've when I was anorexic, & ecstatic that he doesn't think I'm fat, & must appreciate tight clothing, but the Offbeat Drummer needs to be able to a) breathe and b) not look any more like a porn star than I already do (sit down, gentlemen).

It's the second Rolling Stones shirt I received this holiday season. The first was from Best Male Friend, a redux of a shirt Keith Richards wore in the 70's:

I look pretty similar to Richards wearing it...stoned, smoking, eyes half shut and brimming with attitude. I'd wear it to school and not give a hoot.

Today is my Polish grandfather's birthday, my Jaja. (Pronounced exactly the way it's spelled, his companion being my Nana.) He was born in 1901, so that would've made him, what, 112 this year? He died a few days before my 9th birthday, if memory serves. He was the grandparent who could never remember my name, so he always just called me "The Little One," since I was the youngest in the family. Below: my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary--gasp--they were Catholic and both had been married previously! I was probably 6 or 7  in this picture. Hair courtesy of a bowl, clearly. Uncanny how much I look like my mom in my old age.

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BMF said...

Your brother's suit is fuckin' awesome.

I'm glad you like the Keef shirt. I don't want you to get in trouble at school, but compared to the North Face clones, at least it's a little more original, and a legitimate question to probably half of the kids at your school.