Monday, January 14, 2013

A Special Place in Hell.

Taken from "Stop Violence Against Women"'s page on Facebook, I offer the following, so true of domestic abusers. It's the least suspicious, most charming person who is the chronic domestic abuser.

Funny, talking about heaven & hell with an atheist. This man, who doesn't believe in any God, seems to think if there is indeed an afterlife, he will spend eternity in paradise because, of course, he's such a good person.  It's too kind to say he suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, yet no less true, from a psychological standpoint. He's also a violent, remorseless sociopath. But when The Almighty exacts His revenge, it'll be a sweet welcome in Hades for this motherfucker. His press bio neglects to mention the 17 counts of sexual harassment he bought his way out of working at Harrah's Casino in Kansas City, MO when he went to do the interview below about his present place of employment..

The line is getting as long as season ticket day at Wrigley Field...the vast expanse of individuals who'd like to take a crack at this guy with nunchucks, baseball bats, you name it. Hey, all of y'all who know the truth, fucking go for it.

That's the thing about the 1st Amendment, Chickie Babies. What's Chris going to do? Sue for defamation someone who is the equivalent of sucking blood out of a turnip? 17 minutes of watching a serial domestic abuser was quite enough after leaving him what, like 2 years ago? Thanks again for the PTSD!!!!

Guy Friend and I felt a little weird 2 years ago when we used a coupon to eat at this raw vegan place we eyed the night he met Best Male Friend. Hi, yeah, they'd both kind of like to cause Chris harm.

He might have money and power, but I experienced exactly what happened.  And Chris, you can rot in fucking hell.


BMF said...

I couldn't watch his fat, red, ugly face blab on for 20 minutes, I'm sorry. I wanted to punch my hand through my computer.

Andrea Miklasz said...

Right? So smug. So *confident.* Such an asshole. What's he gonna do, try and have my web site shut down? Yeah. I could shut his whole LIFE down with a call to the Chicago Police.

Anonymous said...

The whole world knows what this jerk did to you and we almost lost you as a result. Agreed, hard to watch. You're so cute! What were you doing with such a disgusting guy? Great to put a face to his name, if nothing else.

Andrea Miklasz said...

I don't know why I was with him & put up with his crap for so long, other than to say I was addicted to the companionship of having someone to hang out with, somewhere to go that wasn't home, and he was a professional at either rewarding for behavior he deemed good or punishing for behavior he deemed bad.

Anonymous said...

He's still serially abusing women, just thought you should know. He's going to be a convicted rapist one of these days. I was with him and barely escaped his wrath. He also has a secret thing for homosexual bottoms and looks them up on the internet. DESTROY CHRISTOPHER KROHN NOW!