Sunday, January 6, 2013

Oui. Non: Eric Clapton

Tonight, we begin our series of harshly criticizing very attractive people's appearances, from the Discriminate Eyes of the Offbeat Drummer. Purely my opinion, and Lord knows I have no room to bitch. Yeah, kinda too bad.

Eric, really. Keep it short, cropped & totally do the facial hair deal. The Marlo Thomas "That Girl!" wisps lightened with highlighter but gray intermixed completely don't work on you, for your age, with your facial structure, and especially when you have a 30+ years younger wife & a bunch of new little daughters scampering around. If you insist on staying sober, for God's sake, with the jowl thing, since I assume you're too practical to go under the knife (which, yeah, don't ever do, unless you want to look like the plastic atrocity that is Gene Simmons)? Facial hair, brother. I know if *I* had really silly looking hair (not that you have any idea that I don't, necessarily) in public and I was pushing 70, it'd be a safe bet I was on the sauce.

Oui, Clapton:

Non, Clapton:

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Anonymous said...

Great. SO looking forward to the "Oui/Non" dissection of The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne.