Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Bummer for the Drummer.


Anonymous said...

My deepest condolences to
the Miklasz family. Andrea
was truly one of a kind. She
will certainly be missed by the
legions of young adult males
who followed her and her
drumming career like bees to
honey. Let us pray there is not
not a massive suicide reaction
to this terrible news. Andrea
was about life and love , and
more love . Try and keep that
mind as we remember this
amazing woman , ok boys?

Paul Cienniwa said...

It's about time!

BMF said...

Annie was the wife I should have married, the creative genius I should have nurtured more, an unassuming beauty who always saw herself as the ugly duckling (have you SEEN her EYES), but the first one to laugh at and mock herself, tackled her insanity with no fear, saw her addictions as welcome challenges, not disabilities; with a delightful laugh and equally foul vocabulary, but a deep intellect and the sharpest wit.

She was a highly underrated drummer and percussionist, who never grew an ego about her abilities. She taught herself how to play drums by ear alone.

She knew the words to all (her last figure) 3,000 songs in her iTunes by heart but couldn't remember what someone said the day before. She took a lot of drugs and drank too much booze had all this bodily crap wearing her out.

She was my twin, and we were blessed with tremendous love though separated halfway across the country or even farther. Sometimes she was the only person who understood me. She is one of the only reasons why and how I am alive.

I think she was the love of my life. I know she was a brilliant woman whose ambition to be of help to others took strength and balls.

Given how many near-death resurrections Annie's had, nobody expected this. She had a hard enough time driving a car, much less a jet ski.

Deepest sympathy to all who, like me, will have enormous love and affection forever, especially Luke.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Old Curly said...

Over the course of my almost 20 year friendship with Andrea, I'll say this: that girl's personality was like a murder of crows. You never knew what mood you might encounter on any given day. What was so freaking fascinating was that neither did Andrea.

When we met, she thought I was a megalomaniac in need of an attitude adjustment. I thought she was quiet and timid. Turned out we were both wrong, which was a fun ride.

She complained about life shuffling her a crappy hand, which wasn't true. She raised a son with an equally beautiful and gifted mind and a kind heart. She's packed a lot into 40 years...densely. Nobody, not one person (except for possibly Kate and not even my best friend, who both stoke at a similar temperature) could begin to run alongside and breathlessly keep the pace Andrea's mind ran. She'd say, "I'm crazy, I'm crazy" but she never connected that it was what made her so unique.

I totally agree with the first comment that Andrea was all about life and love. I count myself as one of the lucky folks she loved.

Perhaps squabble over her earthly baubles and material gains is inappropriate or premature, but having seen Annie's drums, wow. I hope she willed them deservedly.

Rob Cheney said...

I have not known Andrea Long but i have known her long enough to know she was great on the drums and not so great at Jetskiiing

rest in pieces


PS BMF's tribute is wondeful

BMF said...

Thanks Rob. Annie would've loved to have you cremate her, I'm sure, but all of that seemed kind of impractical and last minute & there was that whole issue with her family of trying to get her remains back to the US.

Anonymous said...

Too bizarre. My neighbor of many years was killed in a jet-ski accident this past September.

I wish I was joking.

Miss Thang II

God and/or Satan said...

Spooky! The Lord works in mysterious ways, though. We all know, in the end, who her heart belonged to....right? Jesus? Krishna? Buddha?

Guy Friend.

Rob Cheney said...

To BMF i would have been honored to look after her but sadly that day i recieved a link from the Late Miss Miklasz to say that i had perished in a terrible car wreck and that i was a former Olympic Athlete. I am not sure what i found most disturbing!

BMF said...

It really, really sucks to be me.

Lost said...

True beauty seems too small a description for Annie. She had an infinite, selfless heart. She challenged me, guided me, and loved me more truly and honestly than anyone else. A better person because of her, I remain lost without her.