Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Miss My Little Spy.

Someone's been on the blog for several months, logging in hundreds of page views, through an anonymous proxy out France, simple-proxy.com, or some such nonsense.

I tried blocking the IP, but none of my tech-savvy support staff could halt this obvious ("stalker" is such a harsh word), over zealous reader. It wasn't just a blog fan, this was someone who'd check the blog religiously several times a day, especially in the morning.

My tracker lets me nickname returning visitors, so this one I called "The French Inhaler," after a favorite Warren Zevon song.

(BTW, I wore a Warren shirt to church Saturday and only the organist who stopped by to practice recognized his face. He said, "He's an Excitable Boy!" I said , "YESSSS!!!!" Then some members and I talked about the rarity of mesothelioma, the lung cancer from which Warren died. Just an aside.)

Since the Big Guy Dump, "The French Inhaler" has been more and more scant. Ok, I fold. There won't be much more about Guy aside from how much I miss him and uncovering the truths behind the things he said to me.

"French Inhaler," know this. I know you're not Guy. He's not that tech savvy. It could be Lady GuyGuy, or one of the work minions, etc, but I don't get kicked to the curb without a fight. And that fight hasn't taken place yet. If the "French Inhaler" wants to pass that message along, feel free. He owes me a much larger explanation than was provided.

Interesting factoid about the French Inhaler: he/she seems to sleep in on weekeds. It's 5:30 am Saturday morning here in Chicago, and he/she hasn't logged in yet. At least THEY'RE getting some sleep.

"At least you have BMF..."


BMF said...

Yeah, you know, the French Inhaler (you know that's about cocaine, don't you?) has had me wondering for several months myself. There's no denying the pattern of visits and views...you have it all on your tracker. It's how you caught Ms. Blog Stalker and The Henchwoman, don't forget. But those 2 are total imbeciles.

VERY interesting that the reader seems to have disappeared since the Guy thing happened. REALLY interesting.

I have no doubt that the French Inhaler is directly related somehow to the Guy thing.

I wonder how he'd feel if he knew the like dozen things falling apart in your life right now. I wonder how he'd feel that aside from him, your closest friends all have you on suicide watch.

If you're losing sleep at night, we are too worrying about you. How on earth does Guy get any rest?

Please, please remember that those of us who do truly love you will NEVER abandon you. I know it doesn't seem like there's any light around, but it's there. You'll find it. Things will get better. Reach out. We're here for you.

Kate said...

TOC who? After watching that Flamming Lips video, I would think anyone would be afraid to mess with you!
Wow! That was some video! The guy in the black and white french new wave shirt with the incredible singing voice reminds me of Roman Polanski's "Knife in Water"! And the guy with the work of a creative bedazzled on his face seemed like he was going to be beamed up to the mothership momentarily. Who was the art director on that ? I've made films, I've been in films , I've worked on other people's films. I would work for free to tighten up that gem of film making you have right there. Andrea, you should be saying "TOC who? " and concentrate on all the musical knowledge and connections you have. So many exciting and creative people love you it is time to cut that deadweight loose.

Andrea Miklasz said...

I was wondering too how Guy can go to bed and sleep peacefully beside his wife with a totally clear conscience. That thought crossed the transoms of my my mind somewhere in between him feeling me up at the blues club and listening to his palaver last week on the phone.

BMF said...

Well, lookie who's back?

Annie said the French Inhaler checked in this morning. After she posted the blog I wrote.

Isn't that something?

Kate, you crack me up.

By the way, I'm typing this from the mothership.

Rob said...


"Andrea, you should be saying "TOC who?"

Andrea Miklasz said...

The French Inhaler is back with great vigor!

Andrea Miklasz said...

The French Inhaler: