Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Twelve Days of Guy Friend Christmas: Day 5, Gift 5

The tag: "Life's a beach. Then you die." 

Evidently, sandcastles smell a lot sweeter and more confusingly candy-like than sea air. Or sort of like disinfectant, which has charmed my son unbelievably so, so I gave the candle to him under strict Grandma scrutiny that he not burn anything in his room. He likes the candle, so I let him have it.

Oh, Guy.

This is what I should've given him for Christmas, minding that there's been a teensy-weensy security breach within "Rhythms." (For example, Google Chrome users may be put off by the Chrome browser's implication that since TwitPic is at the bottom of every individual entry, you are entering a malware-loaded zone at your own risk. Not like reading my blog wasn't enough of a mental landmine in the first place...Chrome users: click "Advanced" and then "enter at your own risk," though that's pretty self-explanatory.)

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