Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Twelve Days of a Guy Friend Christmas: Day 4, Gift 4.

"For a doubly sweet Christmas..."

What's doubly sweet? The cocoa, how quickly it's prepared--its instantaneousness, or me?

Frango, to Chicagoans, is sort of an institution. Originally only available (in candy form, etc) at our former Most Famous Store, Marshall Field & Co, the local chain was bought out by Macy's (boo!) several years ago, & we thought that would be the end of Frango. Macy's continued to produce it, though it's kind of schmaltzy & lost most of its charm since, but they still put out a good product (kind of like me). I've never had their cocoa before, but was impressed with the Starbucks cocoa I got from my cousin last Christmas, along with the design-and-bake your own giant mug, on which Luke drew a walrus for me, his name and date (I think he did it on New Year's Day last year) and wrote on it, "Settle Down, You Crazy Bitch." Fortunately, the flagship Marshall Field's on State Street downtown's building still bears their name and wasn't extracted by the Macy's chain, on the facade anyway.

I was so excited this afternoon while waiting in line at the pharmacy for my fuckload of sedating drugs that I texted Guy Friend that, after an epic migraine yesterday, during which I tried but failed to get back to sleep after therapy but couldn't, and required 2 nausea pills and implied that it was all his fault because I was preoccupied with "my imagination" of him, I slept 10 hours last night. Apparently, that wasn't *enough* sleep, and in the middle of emailing SuperJuls this afternoon, I conked out for another 3+ hours.

Guy left me a voicemail from work & said he'd call me back tomorrow, & wanted to know how I'm enjoying all of his presents so far. They're great, Guy, but my HANDS ARE STILL COLD. (My backup Kate Spade handwarmers shipped yesterday.) I was 90% asleep in a long winter's nap (again) that I kind of slept though his phone call, but he left this long, rambling voice mail, which in the middle of, he said, "Oh yeah, this is [insert Guy's name]. Kind of "Duh."

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