Friday, December 28, 2012

The Twelve Days of a Guy Friend Christmas: Day 3, Gift 3

Ok, the enthusiasm is waning. Never a big fan of holiday-only, discriminatory picture frames, Guy gave me...a Christmas seasonal photo frame. Who's picture am I supposed to put in it, his? Actually, my girlfriend had a great idea which was to put my favorite Christmas picture of Luke in it, so I will fill it with this, from when he was 3:

It's no small coincidence that the Kate Spade hand warmers I asked for in the first place went on sale yesterday with a 25% coupon. Too challenging to say if they're overtly in the wrapped packages, I am thinking I will order them anyway, and I can always return them if it is a double-gift, which I'm sensing it would *not* be.

The frame itself isn't objectionable, it's just only useful for about 20 days in the year.

Still waiting for a feat of superhero proportions under the tree....

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