Monday, January 23, 2012

Must Be a Slow Day at the Office...

The gang at Balderdash & Verities is checkin' in on company time again...tsk tsk.

Once via phone (oh, but that tiny print is SO hard to read, so annoying) at 3:06, but see, I hadn't posted anything all day and now at 4:13 pm using the company IP address. Things must be wrapping up for the afternoon, with only one doc working, you get that afternoon boredom lag thing going on, it's almost the end of the day, not everyone's looking around....just checkin' in with the Offbeat Drummer....well, my internet was out most of the day, which prevented me from posting anything of breadth and tremendous wit. And I had a LOT of psychology homework to read for tomorrow, which I'm taking a brief break from right now, as I sip tea and take another dose of Norco because my freakin' tailbone winces in pain every time I cough, because I have pneumonia, which is clearing up smoothly. Had to take 2 more Lomotil too, since it's been one of THOSE days as well. Fortunately, I have a plentiful supply from my primary care physician.

The nice old ladies at church just dropped off a bouquet of leftover Sunday church flowers to my house. Kind of them, but where shall we put them, given the house is in upheaval due to bathroom remodeling? They're amazingly well-preserved, like a, say, dead body at a funeral home, another favorite stalking haunt, I've come to discover.

Tonight, I shan't be home, as I'm dining with one of my best gal pals, the irreplaceable Super Juls. We'll be in Uptown Park Ridge in case you want to follow me there and keep tabs on me in person. If you do, pick up the tab. Unemployment doesn't pay terribly well, and you know me...I don't eat much anyway.

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