Friday, January 20, 2012

For Christopher...

You pretended to be a noble man,
A rescuer of tortured souls.
But yours was not a selfless plan,
Your quest was actually rather bold,
You are in fact a very selfish man,
And your heart is empty, dark and cold.

You told them that I am crazy,
That I'm an evil thing who lies.
Then you told them you're amazing
You even let them see you "cry".
But I know what your game is,
And I'll not let you fool them twice.

You see, I have a plan in place this time,
And wisdom strengthens my resolve.
I intend to lay it all on the line,
My whole story must be told.
So I'll not sit alone in fear and cry,
I'll show my courage, I will be bold.

Your past success was in fooling people,
They were shown a gallant knight in armor.
Now my knowledge and understanding is deeper,
And I can expose you for what you are.
This time I won't be meek and feeble,
I'll prove that you're a tin-foil-clad retard!

(A fun but genuine tribute to the Facebook page "Sometimes your knight in shining armor is just a retard in tin foil", AND to the ex's of all those women who can relate to that statement };-D
Copyright © 2010 Mel Stewart, "safe-at-last" and Licensors Nodtronics Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.)

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