Sunday, January 22, 2012

Don't Even THINK About Putting Up A Site About Me Like This, Freaks!

A fellow courageous blogger whom I respect highly, Natasha Tracy (, is encountering a HELL of a fight from a site that was put up specifically to hurt and badger not only her PERSONALLY but also the already misunderstood and miss-and-falsely-judged bipolar community online.

Natasha, like me, blogs under her real name. She is unabashedly unafraid, and I have nothing but praise about her blog. It's been a life-saver for me. She's won awards online for her healthcare information and her heartfelt posts about living with bipolar disorder.

Instead of sympathy, empathy and understanding, we who live with bipolar and struggle on a daily basis are teased, looked down upon, modeled as "crazy," and that's not only by the professional community--our own families and friends are capable of gross insensitivity as well.

Natasha's fight back is located here: Natasha says, "Bipolar hurts. Bipolar is pain. Bipolar is, at times, unbearable pain. Anyone who would make fun of that isn’t funny. They are sick. And I am tired of their sickness."

We refuse to divulge the URL of the hatred site. The last thing it needs is more fodder for making fun of bipolar patients.

I was and continue to be the recipient of enough flack and misunderstanding about my condition from people I know. I don't need to take part in a site that promotes hatred of bipolars, when we're not asking for the moon. We're not asking to be treated any differently than anyone else. When we're manic and/or depressive, we're not begging for sympathy. We just wanted to be treated normally, within the realms of reasonable accommodation in the home, the workplace and socially.

**And as a sidenote, to whomever Googled "Miklasz Affair Boss," you're REALLY on the wrong track, there, pal. At 6:41 in the morning? Who wakes up and has my personal affairs, legitimate or illegitimate on their minds other than someone who's clearly sick in his/her own head? That's starting to fuck around with me and MY friends, and that's just unacceptable. Just like I will not stand for hatred towards the bipolar community, I will stand solid against being even remotely accused of having an affair with anyone I may or may not have worked for.

I can't conclusively prove that it was my usual Ms. Blog Stalker who performed the search, for the ISP was hidden, but the person was directed to a blog I wrote about the fact that I indeed do have an APPROPRIATE, solid FRIENDSHIP with one of my former bosses, point blank, and what became of our Christmas gifts to one another ("If I Fell," 12/30/2011). To he and I, it's no secret nor should it be. We are not ashamed of our friendship. We aren't overt and gooey about it, but we certainly deserve no flack as a result. All water under the bridge at this point, since now we're free just to be friends without the hassle of protecting our professional relations, which was always paramount in our friendship, and doesn't have to be a constraint we worry about anymore. The blog was entitled "If I Fell" and included the Beatles' video as a flip on words--because I'd fallen down the stairs recently, fracturing my tailbone, which the practice asked me about the night they fired me and I said that it hurt. A lot. It had nothing to do with falling in or out of love...with anyone.

The blog above "If I Fell," called "I Got the Blues," (also 12/30/2011), referenced a Rolling Stones song that my best male friend had sent me that he dedicated to me, my Tatus, and loosely, to my ex-boyfriend, Chris. He wanted to make 3 things clear: he wished we were together and was feeling down that we weren't and he had the blues as a result, he was wishing I was safe in the arms of a guy "who will bring you alive," (my Tatus, who does, as a friend) and "won't drag you down with abuse," (like my ex-boyfriend). That is all.

HA! What just popped up on Pandora? Animotion's "Obsession." Perfect end note right here.

Again, visit for the Bipolar Burble and take a stand for those of us whose voices are not being heard about the facts and fallacies of living with bipolar disorder, and if there's something you're dying to know about me and my life, just fucking ask me. Quit googling and searching and nitpicking my life to death.

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