Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Route To Help. Another Route for You to Stalk!

Today is my 47-month sobriety anniversary. You know what that means next month, don't you? The big 4 years!!! You'd have to go back away's in my blog (which I'm sure at least one of you will) to find the counter I snapped into the blog that counts how many years, months, days, hours and seconds it's been since my last drink. It's always fun to see. I think that blog was called "But Who's Counting?" or something like that. Anyway...

The UK-based blog to which I contribute has it's own URL now...

This is strictly a drug/alcohol/recovery web site for those of you who are following up with my recovery stories, articles and reviews I stumble upon regarding treatments, experiences, et al. After all, recovery and addiction are two of my passions, what I am making a career out calling from God help out people who were in my situation.

A lot of my articles on My Route to Help will just redirect you back to this blog site after you read my drug and alcohol related posts, so for those of you who are obsessed with me, I've just given you another avenue by which to stalk me, which I can, naturally, still track. Even on smartphones! I know, on smartphones, the type is so hard to read, and when you blow it up, it's all messed up with the blog background, so sorry for that.

And you have to click "continue reading" to read the whole article..only the 1st paragraph is shown on the author page...just trying to make things easier for ya'll!

Seriously Another 1 hour, 3 minutes and 50 seconds reading 16 of my blog posts tonight from your other computer, presumably at either your other job or your house? Plus 3 visits from the smartphone? Must be one slow life...


Ashley said...

Thank you for the mention of my website on the post, it means a hell of a lot!

Another way for people to stalk you is on the new forum which I have also just made same name just .com don't worry the will always be there for people like yourself to submit articles!

Ash x

Annie Miklasz, Offbeat Drumming Lunatic said...

That's right, Ashley! My stalkers can always read my articles, but now they can also register to read my comments about addiction and recovery on the forums. The more, the merrier! LOL!

xo Annie

Anonymous said...

Ms. CyberStalker,

A word of warning: I know who you are and what you are doing. I'm well aware that the stunt you tried before backfired on you. Yet, you persist, wading even farther into dangerous territory -- territory not dangerous for Annie, but for yourself.

Your searches are going to be not only futile, but are going to backfire on you again. I would suggest you give it up before you get yourself into even more hot water than you already have. (Not to mention the colossal amount of time you are wasting.)

Of course, if you want to keep on providing me and a number of others entertainment, laughing at your foolishness, please keep right on doing what you are doing. At least you have finally learned to spell "MIKLASZ" correctly.

~~Miss Thang II

Anonymous said...

Pssst! Ms. CyberStalker!

You spell it "MIKLASZ" -- there's no "e". I thought you had learned that. Or, maybe it's the small font that tricks your eyes when you log in via your cell phone? Just trying to be helpful!

And -- don't you just love weekends, when you aren't "working" at your Day Jobbe and have freedom to stalk without one of your bosses threatening to fire you?

*friendly wave*

~Miss Thang II

Anonymous said...

Ms. Cyberstalker, to make sure there is no confusion:

You spelled "Miklasz" correctly earlier today when you were conducting a search (and I know *exactly* what search terms you used. Good luck, lol!).

Sadly, you are spelling Miklasz wrong again. Aren't you able to learn?

Love and kisses,
Miss Thang II

Annie Miklasz, Offbeat Drumming Lunatic said...

I mean really, Miss Thang II, is MIKLASZ *that* hard to spell correctly, and wouldn't you bookmark the site after a while so you wouldn't have to keep going in through Google? So, so many ways we could make the stalker's life easier and more speedy, and she refuses to let us help. That's a shame.