Friday, November 29, 2013

"Rhythms" Remembers George Harrison

Twelve years ago today, the material world lost one of its greatest souls.....and paradise gained one.

George Harrison

February 25, 1943-November 29, 2001


Anonymous said...

One of the most poignant songs ever written.

BMF said...

While I like the stripped down version of this as a demo, I must admit that I really, really enjoy the Phil Spector "wall of sound" orchestral feel of the studio release of this song. Yes, it's posh, but it's also lush and sounds beautiful in headphones.

Andrea Miklasz said...

Oh, agreed! I appreciate the early takes of the entirety of "All Things Must Pass," but I feel that Spector's production really gave the album that "umph" that skyrocketed it to the top.

What blows my mind is in "My Sweet Lord," (my favorite song of all time), is George's overdubbed Krishna chants, labeled as the "George O'Hara-Smith" singers but are all George's voice in different keys. That's just genius.