Friday, November 29, 2013

Really Quickly....

I was informed yesterday that the entire front office staff at Balderdash & Verities has quit, and the only other 2 people who work in there are Ms. Blog Stalker and her henchwoman!  And they're kind of going crazy.

The Henchwoman's kind of camera-shy, so here's an insiders-only look into the world of Balderdash & Veritites:

What was that about karma? Why was the office decorated like a 1970's Thai restaurant?

Just had to share, because while it's stressful for the doctors, it's delicious payback towards those two women.


(Update: It didn't stop there.)


Very Moon said...

Whoa! That plot thickened like a Thanksgiving gravy!

Andrea Miklasz said...


They all quit.

Except those two ding dongs.

Oh, happy day!

BMF said...

All of those women quit? With Just Ms. BS and her henchwoman handling the craziness of that office? They're going to end up in an asylum before you do. This is just classic.

Oh, death, where is thy sting?

Anonymous said...

Annie you better watch yourself !

Andrea Miklasz said...

Why? Am I about to do a card trick? Yippee!

BMF said...


Now Annie's being anonymously threatened.

Maybe you will get clubbed in a dark alley, Annie.

No, seriously. Don't sweat it. Like Very said a long time ago, they have infinitely more to lose than you do and you're not committing libel; you're stating fact.

Andrea Miklasz said...

Exactly. I signed no confidentiality agreement when I worked there. I owe no one an explanation of my dissemination of information regarding the operation of the practice. I can sit back here an laugh to my heart's content....and so can you. In fact, let's all belch a hearty guffaw at their expense.

Anonymous said...

Andrea's death wish is so strong, she could give a crap if someone came along and tried to kill her. Which is sad, 'cause she's cute.

Andrea Miklasz said...

Kinda, yeah, if I was beaten up, I'd probably have a very Lenny Bruce-meets-DeNiro attitude towards it. Whatthefuckever.

BMF said...

Oh my God, you're so totally going to get your ass beaten for embedding that picture. Take pictures of your bruised face! It can't be any worse than falling and gouging her head open bloody on her mom's garden decorations!

Andrea Miklasz said...

Man, that was so surreal. I fell over, & just as I got back straight up, blood started pouring down the left lens of my eyeglasses. I cleaned it up with paper towel and an old rag. I still have a lump/scar on the top of my head that my hair stylist likes to point out. It takes a lot to knock out the Offbeat Drummer.

Anonymous said...

What it boils down to is very few people totally GET Andrea. Even fewer get art, and in particular, Andrea's art. She's an incredibly gifted writer, an award-winning poet and a (decent, sorry) musician.

She was too gigantic a personality for Balderdash & Verities, and her reactivity after leaving and what she subsequently blogged about was all honest. And it was finely honed, crafted, written honesty. If it were not true, the residual staff of the practice wouldn't have invested so much of their wasted work hours on site lingering on her every word.

Kate said of Andrea some time ago that she was a "drama magnet." Yes, she is. Why? Because the best artists are. The best artists stick their necks out, break the rules, and live freely. To the lesser person, it's scary and taboo and extremely unorthodox (I should know, I keep getting my accounts suspended on social media sites). The best artists and writers will account creatively what is compelling...and Andrea's life IS that compelling.

What do you expect her to blog about and gain readership? The fact that she should probably feed her bird more often, that she was bored at school, that Luke needs a haircut (don't do it, Luke) or that she did a load of laundry that day? Sure, these things are part of Andrea's life, but what keeps us coming back (separate from the fact that I adore the girl as a friend) and reading, and commenting is that it's ALL astounding, whether good or bad.

Andrea is a very intimidating person in print and a total pussycat in your face, unless you happen to gravely annoy her. That's when the claws come out. Still in all, she's really one of the nicest, warmest, and most loyal people to those people she loves. Andrea's not an eggshell-walker.

Combine all of those ingredients into one complicated woman and of course she's going to intimidate and make jealous a hell of a lot of people.

You're a tall, Caucasian Yoko, Andrea. And a bad dancer.

BMF said...

Your mom should've summoned you with "The lunatic is on the grass!"

Andrea Miklasz said...

Well, taking a different spin, the dispatcher at 911 did ask me if either Ms. BS or her Henchwoman were intoxicated, and I said I honestly had no idea. I just told her that my mom wouldn't let them in the house.

Andrea Miklasz said...

What I DO know is that they infiltrated Balderdash & Verities to gain access to my blog the night the night they showed up at my house, because I traced the IP. That means they snuck into the office since I have both of their home computer systems blocked from accessing the blog, period. Stop!

Just a smidge on the obsessive side no? Girls, go out long at doesn't involve clubbing me to death.

Kate said...

You can be cavalier about being beat up when you are talking about movies . But in life there are no body doubles.
Getting the crap beat out of you in real life involves real flesh , real blood , real pain .
I know where of I speak.
Thank goodness you are OK.

Andrea Miklasz said...

No, you're absolutely right, Kate...truth.
My mom said Marcella (the henchwoman) stood by the edge of the next door neighbor's porch with a look that said "KILL."