Sunday, August 26, 2012

Infectious, Motley-Minded Codpieces!

Late Sunday Night:

Short, but sweet, as I'm running on empty and going to bed in a moment, for I have to awaken early:

The qually, onion-eyed minnow who called me a "boring housewife" and a "shitty writer?" checks in the blog like 4 times a day for any late breaking news, going to the extent (or suggesting to his friends) they Google "blog Drozd Big in Japan drugs."

Jeepers, Youth of America. Cut a bitch some slack & let me write a proper blog entry, when I have more energy than I do now. You'd think, having zonked out at noon and sleeping all afternoon, I'd be wide-eyed and blowing my second wind. I am, however, virtually closing my eyes. Graduate school starts tomorrow, so I think my body was trying to compensate for the "this is the last decent sleep you'll have for the next 2 years, so enjoy!"

Spent my evening armchair counseling my next door neighbor/church friend who's mother just died.

Heard from Guy Friend this morning, likewise short but sweet, and he promises to get a new phone ASAP & then call me to catch up. He was covering for another doctor all weekend and last night was the first night he wasn't awakened after midnight with some emergent issue to tackle half-asleep. I feel for the man, I truly do.

Thus, half asleep I will publish this and addendum in the morning. Slow-nerve-action and Big in Japan? Please, find something to do that doesn't involve me, Steven or drugs. And who is it in Lenexa, KS, who keeps visiting? Subscribe to new posts so you don't have to visit as often, sheesh!

Monday, An Hour Early for My First Grad Class:

Who should I run into, after procuring my student ID and semester-long CTA pass?

Harumi, The Useless Therapist. Remember her from blogs and blogs ago? She was the one to whom I was assigned early last summer, who literally asked me NO questions, delivered no practical advice and has zero capacity to be an effective therapist. Had she not left abruptly "due to personal reasons" a few months into my course of therapy (after which I was assigned Erin, who was wonderful), I was going to ask to be reassigned. Harumi never asked me any questions. She didn't squeeze any information out of me that I didn't voluntarily offer. I came up with my own solutions. She rarely spoke, and our conversations were being taped. She's a PsyD student, majoring in Being Sucky, it would seem.

All the fresh faces look eager but apprehensive and everyone keeps methodically checking the wide-screen TV's for where the hell our classes are meeting. I forgot to bring a snack, so I should probably go eat something quickly. Overhearing kids crabbing about their new apartments and glad I live rent-free at home, 5 minutes away from the train. "This should be a very psychodynamic semester!" one student just said to one another. Is that really how they converse around here? What about a flat "I'm scared to death and had to blow an extra $100 on today to buy myself a fucking digital voice recorder." 'Cause that's what they'd get out of me. Holy shit, I can't wait for my living stipend to arrive in late September.

More later, as I cannot blog in class. I can't Facebook in class. I actually have to pay attention and just take notes. What a foreign concept!

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