Wednesday, August 1, 2012


What was said of me tonight, which I read vis-a-vis Luke, who's still the Psycho Mom's Facebook friend?
"This women is a nut case girls. she did not stop here she had the nerve to post awfully bad things on g**** face book (a minor) and upset g***y and scared her. I was told by a St. Paul school secretary to file a police report against this unstable person, police say what she did to a minor is against the law and it is called Cyber Bullying also got school and the pastor involved, needless to say 
they all agree what she did was awful. People who or were addicts are on a whole other sick level, God have mercy on her soul. I pray she gets much needed help and that this causes G**** no further issues." 
Oh, we've downgraded my internet stalking to mere cyber bullying. For one screen captured, legally-obtained public page. It's like taking a picture of someone's face and posting it to the internet. While you might think it's a ghastly picture of yourself, you don't exactly file a police report about it as cyber bullying. It's embarrassment of someone's poor parenting skills. Lie #1

Luke explained it this way: You walk into a bar. You meet someone there, then that person cracks all of your ribs 2 weeks later, and you go on to blame the bar. Makes perfect sense to me.

1) The school is closed for the summer and the new school secretary hasn't started yet. Lie #2

2) Pastor Dave and I are tight enough and good enough friends that if I had committed a sin or a crime, he would've called me out on it promptly. Lie #3

3) "What I did to a minor?" I posted a picture of her own Twitter page to both she and her mother's Facebook, which got the daughter in a heap of trouble and embarrassed the freaky mother.  I said nothing further to the girl other than I suggested her mother see what she'd been truly up to on a public Twitter. That doesn't constitute stalking or bullying.

4) To say, of addicts, that we are on our own sick level is more pathetic and disgusting than me posting a picture of this woman's daughter's insanely mean and vile Tweets towards her friends and her mother. True enough, addicts have an illness. A life-threatening one. It doesn't make us less of a person, or that we're bad people. You needn't avoid us like the plague.

Again, it bears repeating: I am not a threat to this family. And my sponsor has a Chicago Police arsenal that would put this woman's Officer Fella to shame.

No matter where you turn, it's true: Haters are going to hate. Mostly because they dislike something about themselves (or their offspring). Is this woman terrified of her own empty soul or that of her dipshit daughter??:

Or infamous. In either case, I'll take it. The best publicity is scandal!

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