Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mom's Foul Mouth, Exposed!

I forget what Luke was looking for on my computer last night, but he was in my downloaded pictures folder.

"Wow, you REALLY have a LOT of pictures with the word 'fuck' in them," he said. While a liberal user of the term, even I hadn't realized the veritable plethora of photos I'd saved, named or otherwise deemed fuck-worthy on my computer.

Luke's favorite, perhaps? The "fuck" pie graph. Or the "fucktacular" hair picture. My favorites? The fact that the pictures of Chris are all called "fucktard...1,2,3" etc.

I have to say, however, that Luke and I got more than a hysterical chuckle out of him reading the captions out loud. Hurry, someone call the Morals Police! While you're at it, call the Music Police! I'm listening to Air Supply as I type this, which segued nicely after the Judas Priest.

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