Monday, July 23, 2012

The Week in Pictures and Brief Thoughts

I'm totally tired (though I slept all day yesterday). Luke made it to Centralia, IL in one piece, thank God. I got an A on my Bipolar II, Mixed-Mood Episodes presentation, which was universally considered electrifying, being dinged by the professor for going overtime, but, you know, she *could've* cut the kids' Q&A period off ANYTIME SHE WANTED TO! (She dings me but wants a copy of Paul Weller's piano version of "My Ever-Changing Moods?" We'll see.)

Hence, all you can expect from me this morning is a collection of my favorite pics that went around this week:

I think I've inflicted enough of a shitstorm into poor Guy Friend's life this week and all I want to do is hug the living daylights out of him:

It's ALWAYS a good sign (read: never) when one of your therapists points out, "You're just like Charlie Brown!" (and she's not referring to your hair):

They forgot Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett (thanks, BMF, for pointing him out), but that's ok:

My faith in humanity, shaken once again:

Sometimes the word "twat" is the only appropriate term:

They indeed do call it "falling in love" for a reason:

Where do I begin, Guy Friend? I actually printed this out and filled it out for him:

Which was a lot nicer than this, which I'm saving for someone else:

It's all because of this:

What most don't understand:

So, so true:

So, so true Part II:

Why yes, I am:

With love, Madame Shitpickles

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