Sunday, November 20, 2011

Occupy *This*, Motherfuckers. And Welcome Back, Friends.

What the fuck is wrong with "authority?" Bad enough the police is in full riot gear to gang up on a bunch of peaceful protesters, but to pepper spray the gal right in the face, with her mouth agape? What the fuck? What the fuckety fucking fuck?

I'm still not sure what "Occupy Musicians" is going to do, or become, but I signed my name to it and hope it's a successful venture. Let's just not all start singing and get pepper sprayed in the fucking mouth. I'm generally pretty politically apathetic, and signed onto the Democratic party in '92 because Clinton/Gore were the hotter of the candidate choices. These days, I proudly proclaim peaceful anarchism as my vision for the country, though that doesn't seem to be working out terribly well (yet!)

You know who deserves to be pepper sprayed in the open mouth by hostile cops, not to mention down their pants? Men who think it's ok and appropriate, even sexy to slap women in the face. Men who gaslight the sanity right out of the people they claim to love. Men who use their power: physical, mental, financial and emotional, to abuse women. Pepper spray those mofos, and leave the peaceful protesters alone.

Separately, I've decided to open my blog to public commenting again, without me having to approve the comments. I don't hide behind a pseudonym on my blog. You know my real name. You know my story. Those of you who have chosen to comment in the past, apart from a PhD friend of mine who used her real name and one of my public subscribers, have all hidden behind the veil of anonymity, or at best, an initial, and frequently your hateful words get deleted by me. Let's just call this an exercise to see who has any fucking balls left to put their opinions about me out there for the world to read. Maybe those haters have left the building and aren't visiting the blog anymore, which is fine with me. It's especially endearing when the comments are left while I'm at work and have no access or ability to delete them without running the risk of getting in trouble for using the internet in my office. That takes creativity! My blog stat software tells me you're still out there, so....

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