Saturday, November 19, 2011

Those Three Words

I'm humbled and grateful. Asked to describe me in 3 words, my friends and family said the following:

"Beautiful, evocative, fragile" --SD
"Perfectly imperfect, selfless heart, boldly brave" --CSR
"Troubled adorable genius" --WC
"Passionate, devoted to your son, loyal, sober" --LL
"Beautiful, gifted, loyal, great, exquisite" --KC
"A trusted friend" --WS
"Caring, funny, rebellious" --BM
"Spunky, cute, smart" --NM
"Complicated (or intricate if you prefer that one), witty, brave" --HNC
"Articulate, awesome, amusing. I could think of other words too, such as Proud Mother, special person, caregiver, great sense of humor and intelligent." --BS
"Weird, conversing, colorful" --SW
"Wacky, skinny, clean" --LB
"Brave, articulate, awesome" --PH
"Raw, vulnerable, beautiful" --KRS
"Loving humorous mom" --DM
"Funny, highly intelligent, extremely loving" --JF
"Inspiring" --STM
"A toasted marshmallow: Kind of crackly on the outside, but a softie inside. Way better than a regular marshmallow." --LPH
"Witty, smart, determined" --RC
"Creative, proud, magnetic" --NDP
"Focused, funny, fearless" --CSS
"Beautifully loved by God" --JM
"Entertaining, intelligent, honest. And refreshing, and funny, and loving. Shall I go on?" --ATL
"Caring, smart, funny, hip" --JF
"Strong, loyal, beautiful, dedicated, great mom and friend, talented" --MNG
"Creative, courageous, honest" --JB
"Musical, caring, amazing" --MB
"Herself, musical, daring" --BC
"Tough, crazy, cool." --KO
"Honest, kind, hilarious" AGR
"Absolutely amazingly awesome (as are great!), artistic, ambitious" BC
"Determined, resiliant, perky" --MP

I'll add more if anyone else responds to the question.

If you look at my blog profile, I've filled the space with details of how I perceive myself, which was originally written when I started blogging in 2007, edited when I re-started the blog a few months ago. Seriously, some days I can't get past "ugly, psychotic addict" and that's it. I was encouraged to compile this list and read it over and over again until I finally believed what it said. Time to work on that.

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