Friday, November 7, 2008

"What Will I Be?"

My son's teacher has the class writing daily journal entries, which makes THIS blogging mom all sorts of happy. She is pleased that his writing voice continues to develop and that his true personality and humor are coming through.

One task for October was to brainstorm about your future. Under "What Job Might You Like?," Lucas offered the following possibilities, with my opinion in parentheses.

1. The Army (Um, son? No.)
2. Grocery Bagger (Definite part-time possibility. The kid's aptitude at the self-checkout is a marvel.)
3. President (I assume this means "...of the United States," but I require clarification.
4. Security Guard (Securing whom? Or what? Again, not a terrible choice, but in fairness, his only experience with "security guards" is watching the ones who are asleep at their posts during "Batman," who allow mayhem and crime to run rampant in Gotham.)
5. DUCT TAPE GUY (Oh, THAT duct tape guy. Huh?)
6. Astronaut

Luke was asked, "What kind of family do you want?"

He said, "A nice family with 3 14-year old sons."

Interesting. I assume Luke's not completely aware that this goal necessitates his wife having triplets. And if Grandma Me is being considered as a potential babysitter, we're going to have to have a talk.

Next topic.."What Will I Be Doing in 25 Years?"

Luke's version:

"I will be going to the moon to discover space cheese. Once I have it, I will go to the store and convince the manager to sell it. If they start selling it, I will offer to be a grocery bagger there. If they do not sell it, I will go away to the Army and never come back."


One of his other stories sparked the memory of a writing assignment I, myself, had in fifth grade...Luke's was "Aliens Visit for a Day." Mine was "The Rock Band Journey Visits for a Day."

But my favorite of the October journal entries has to be this one:

"Most people think being scarecrow is an easy job. Actually, it's a really tough job, because scarecrows have to stand still but somehow scare away pests. He can never go to sleep in case of mice at midnight or crows at 1:00 am. Scarecrows have to always be scary and mean and can never ask anyone, 'Do you want a latte?' They can't blink, which will get very painful--especially when you've already lost your eyes. They get bothered all day by birds, mice and bugs. They look scary and rough."

A latte? Is he for real?

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