Saturday, April 5, 2014

More Exciting Divorce News! Women are "Right Here Waiting!"

I can't imagine why, but I'm a complete fan of marriages that end after 20+ years of marriage (my most recent gush was the Captain & Tennille). Surprisingly, another long-term married couple (who live here in swanky North Shore suburban Chicago, a stone's throw away from Guy!) are calling it quits.

Cynthia Rhodes, 57, was a popular professional dancer who appeared in such films as "Dirty Dancing." She first met Marx on the set of the dreadful sequel to "Saturday Night Fever," "Staying Alive," starring John Travolta. She worked with Richard "It Don't Mean Nothing" Marx, 50, on a video and BAM! they started dating and got married, 25 years ago.

See? You totally CAN get a divorce after 50, with a fuckton of assets to divide (hey, these were famous people) and come out relatively unscathed if you have a good attorney. Oh? And their 3 sons are grown (23, 21 & 20)? Totally doable.

Oddly, my only personal experience with Richard Marx was body slamming into him in the hallway with beers in our hands (he with Rhodes at his side and I with a friend, or Craig, probably, I don't remember) at the United Center during an Eric Clapton concert in the early 90's. (Marx is pretty short, by the way.)

I'm not a fan of Richard Marx, never was, but have to give him snaps to what he said to Katie Couric recently, which, in response to how he's handling his separation and divorce, said, "It's all brand new to me, so I'm just having fun!" Now, that's the spirit, Richard!

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