Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Was Born With a Plastic Spoon in My Mouth....

There's a key point I think all of you seem to be missing which seemed perfectly obvious after visiting my psychiatrist this afternoon.

My grave mental illness, hapless lack of common sense, unhealthy lifestyle, relentless medical problems, utter stupidity, life mismanagement and affection starvation will only help get rid of me faster...and isn't that really the goal, kinda?

I know for sure that's what one person in particular is thinking. (UPDATE: I stand corrected. There is more than one person trying to get rid of me quickly, and he's doing a FABULOUS job of it! Lesson learned: Don't try to make plans, because if you're crafty and desperate enough, there doesn't always have to be a tomorrow.)

1 comment:

Very Moon said...

He, is a douchesicle.

Love you, Anniekins. <3 see, I made a heart, so it's real! Mostly I wish I could help,