Monday, August 5, 2013

Sabbatical, Day 2: Feeling Extremely Religiously Cheeky

Ok, I'm finally on sabbatical. I slept until 10am and didn't give a damn. I'm too scared to see what grades I finally got (except I know I got a B+ in Adlerian Theory) because the last couple of weeks have been daunting and exhausting and everyone's bitching about.

Here's the thing: I got 92% in my advanced psychotherapy skills class, yet the professor FLUNKED me. Despite 2 doctors notes indicating I needed 48 more hours to complete a paper because of my mood disorder, I received 0 out of 50 points. NOT ACCEPTABLE. I'm composing an email to everyone involved to combat the grade. I indicated this specific professor (the one who made my doctor write a note to go to the bathroom more than twice in a 6 hr class) in more than one email to the coordinator of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which she violated, clearly. Ridiculous. Meh, what's done is done. Anything under a C at my school is considered a failing grade, so her giving me an actual "F" is a HUGE slap in the face. She did it just to be a grumpy Gus.

 I have a lot financial aid stuff to work through on my break. Not fun stuff at ALL. And for some reason, an old checking account at Bank of America, according to Cook County, owes me more than $1000 that I have to fill out forms to claim, and, like get a current Social Security card and all. At least I know where my divorce papers and birth certificate are.

I found a lot of funny Christian (or anti) memes this afternoon, which were a distraction, but I had a giggle:

Seriously, God?

Uh oh! Timmy's got his hands in the cookie jar. Naughty capital punishment ahead!

Next time you're traveling, look for this place:

Add this to my vinyl collection, post haste, and what happens "Under the tent?":

If anyone can pole vault, it's the Good Lord::

Space suits? Who needs them when you're Jesus:


Had a GREAT date with Guy last Friday. We went to a swanky restaurant where my friend, Marc's jazz quartet was playing. We didn't get home until after midnight, after I'd received a text from Luke (Papa Bear) that simply said, "GET HOME." We established that Lady GuyGuy does indeed hate me and sees me as threatening. Too fucking bad, baby. I'm in love with him, wise or not, and you can keep him; I just want to borrow him a lot. You can have his money. I just want Guy. Anyway we had the radio cranked to Billy Joel's "You May Be Right" which I'd put on CD for Guy a long time ago, which he remembered.

You know when Guy takes off his seat belt, that something something's gonna happen. Lots of delicious kissing  and I'm pretty sure he said "I love you" at least 4 times. The warm hugs, the mmmm's and ahhhh's I used to get when we were working together. I had him stop by last Monday night, I think it was, so I could loan him my copy of Pete Towshend's biography. I also gave him his own of the "Velveteen Rabbit" for him to keep, because it's such a powerful story.  He wasn't up for smooching, claiming cold sores (I'm so sure, Guy) but we cheek kissed (Damn! I should've gone for his neck! Rats!) He rested his hand on my thigh as I held his down and gently stroked his top hand. Ya gotta admit, that's pretty fucking hot. As I've said before, he has THE best hands of ANY man I've EVER met. 

He's knee deep in his family vacation in doing God's knows what except reading and blueberry picking. In MI, I'm sure, trying to to figure The Petty Demon, my favorite Russian novel. He always takes books I've given I've given him for whatever occasion when goes on vacation. I think it's kind of a cute reminder that "Annie gave this to me." He'll be back in a week. I miss him! He took his computer with him this time and  his iPhone gets some reception in the town they're staying nearby. It'd be nice to get a check in.

Spent Saturday with my uber awesome 20-year old nephew, Jake, who happens to be gay. After a lengthy walk around the Loop, we cabbed it to Boys Town, which...MY GOD. An experience!  Except it's full of gay guys, so nobody gave me a second look, though everyone eyed up the super gorgeous Jake. So MANY interesting shops. We actually went to a store called "GAYMART." It was more than interesting. I found the following treasures for Guy, a Who Hot Wheels car and  $4 Jerry Garcia tie. I think he'll likey like:

I also prided myself in solidarity towards my nephew and all the wonderful people who give me love on this earth, regardless if they're LGBTQ or straight. I love everyone equally:

Ma's going away for a couple of days to Amana, Iowa, to do what? Look at Amish furniture for 3 days? Who cares? Luke's in De Kalb visiting Steve and Jake, so I'm on my own for a bit. Damn, Guy, nice timing! Neighbors and friends (including my ex-husband) are all on-call should any drug-related SNAFUs happen. I'll be fine. I'll probably be writing blogs. Can't wait, can you?

The sweetst clip I saw all week, Watch carefully at :46 seconds for the classic Harrison eyebrow raise, the Dhani embrace notwithstanding. Just awesome clip

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