Saturday, May 5, 2012

Two Recovering Alcoholics and a 12-Year Old.

....walk into a bar..., not really....

Luke had some fun annihilating my sponsor and I after dinner last night.

You gotta watch it until the very end. Bonus footage! And great, now there are ADS at the beginning of some of my son's YouTube videos, for which he's getting paid, yay, but I have to wait 5 seconds to skip boo.  But he's crossed the million and a half mark in viewership!

Jenny had us over for dinner last night, to lift spirits, which worked. We spent the evening making more crazy videos with Luke's effects program, and he put them together in a montage. My personal favorite? The one I like to call the "Rock of Salvation."

No recovering alcoholics or homosexuals were harmed during the making of this video. The Offbeat Drummer and Friends are all peace loving people.

And for all the Republicans and right-wing Christians who think homosexuality is a choice? (Or as it was phrased to me, "A disease of poor choice?" by a church member?) I chose to be straight, because I had no choice. God didn't create me to be gay. I had no say in the matter. This one's for Sarah at church:
And Jenny? As for you.....

And Luke?

As for me:

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