Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Jungian Analysis...Pretty Damn Accurate.

Funny, I always saw myself as an INFP, a perceiver. Apparently, I've changed..

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What makes you different?

This analysis describes how you prefer to: deal with and relate to people, process information, make decisions and organize your life. It gives you a good overview of your personality and behavior. You can use this information to assess how well your personality might fit a potential employer or type of job.

You about you

The descriptions you chose about your behavior (and who knows you better) indicate that the Personality Type that most accurately describes you is:
    • Introverts tend to be reflective, reserved and private. A popular misconception is that Introverts are shy - this is not necessarily so. They draw their energy from their own thoughts and the time they spend alone. Introverts do not need people around them all the time.
                    • iNtuitives pay more attention to information that is imaginative and original. iNtuitives focus on the future.
                                      • Feelers let their feelings and emotions play a leading role because of their concern for other people.
                                                        • Judgers prefer a lifestyle that is decisive, planned and orderly. They like a life that is organized and controlled.

                                                          Your Jung personality type is stereotyped as The Developer

                                                          An INFJ at-a-glance

                                                          The difficult I do immediately, the impossible takes me a little longer! This could be your philosophy of life. People who know INFJ types well describe them as imaginative, motivated, persistent, purposeful and creative.

                                                          Living a life without pretense or facade, being accepted for who you are, is what matters to you. You prefer to quietly exert your influence. You bring a quiet enthusiasm to all that you are involved in. Creating harmony and working towards the common good for all is one of your key motivators.
                                                          You have a strong need and desire to understand the complexity of human relationships.

                                                          Your sense of empathy allows you to understand and appreciate other's feelings. You believe in, and act on, your intuition and instincts. You make decisions easily and your friends and associates are likely to perceive you as a self-confident and individualistic thinker.

                                                          Your probable contributions to an organization

                                                          Each Personality Type has a different set of skills, talents and attributes that they bring to an organization, group or relationship. Here is a list of those most commonly associated with Personality Types like you - INFJ.
                                                          • Is quietly forceful, personable and genuinely concerned for others.
                                                          • Likes tackling complex issues involving people and material.
                                                          • Enjoys working, talking and sharing with individuals and small groups.
                                                          • Maintains a very strict internal organizational structure, where every thought, idea and project fits into place before acting.
                                                          • Focuses on building harmony and works towards the common good of all.
                                                          • Can easily make decisions using logic and impersonal analysis.
                                                          • Sees possibilities and relationships that are missed by most people.
                                                          • Generates innovative solutions to complex problems.
                                                          • Brings quiet resolve, creativity and an orientation towards the future to an organization.
                                                          • Is soft spoken yet persistent in the expression of his/her insights.
                                                          • Works diligently and easily becomes totally absorbed in projects.
                                                          • Trusts and pursues his/her unique and creative inner visions, even if it means taking risks.
                                                          • Has single-minded concentration and follows through once they are committed.
                                                          • May have an external organizational system that is haphazard and some areas of his/her life may look disorganized.
                                                          • Is highly intuitive, delivering accurate insights about future opportunities.
                                                          • Operates with and seeks integrity and harmony.
                                                          • Creates time for reflection and introspection.
                                                          • Finds change to be disturbing if it occurs without a lot of advance warning.
                                                          • Can be fiercely loyal to individuals and an organization.

                                                          On a team

                                                          Some people work well on teams, others work best on their own. Understanding the personality types of team members provides information about how individuals are likely to carry out their work and interact with each other. Given your personality preferences, the following are the strengths (and possible weaknesses!) you will most likely bring to a team:
                                                          • Encourages harmony and gets everyone to contribute.
                                                          • Brings enthusiasm and forward thinking to a project.
                                                          • Provides big picture overviews and in-depth synopsis of situations and problems.
                                                          • Inspires others by being positive and maintaining a can-do attitude.
                                                          • Masterfully synthesizes people, resources, goals and visions.
                                                          • Brings creative and clear-sighted perceptions and visions to the table.
                                                          • Brings a global perspective to the team.
                                                          • Is irritated by team members who show little concern for others.
                                                          • Irritates others by stubbornly clinging to an idea.
                                                          • Is irritated by those who fail to contribute.
                                                          • Is annoyed by pessimistic members.
                                                          • Frustrates team members by hesitating to give uncomfortable feedback.
                                                          • Is frustrated by team members who give irrelevant information, advice or who cannot stick to the issues.

                                                          What's next?

                                                          This analysis describes your preferences for dealing with and relating to people, processing information, making decisions and organizing your life. You can use this report to understand and deal with many different aspects of your life. Read your report every day, or at least every week, until you get the job you are seeking! Consider adding a copy of this report to your job resume or CV - show people what makes you different!?

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