Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oui/Non: The Flaming Lips' Frontman, Wayne Coyne

It's been a while since I've done a shallow "Oui//Non" purely subjective take on what a celebrity looks like. Because I'm shallow and all. No, really.

I met Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips while working at Q101 in Chicago in 1994. He and his posse came into the studio to perform on the radio show I was co-producing, "Sound Opinions," hosted by the Sun-Times rock critic Jim DeRogatis and the Chicago Reader's Bill Wyman.

I had my journal with me that night, as I fielded calls from newbie fans who were all into "She Don't Use Jelly," their breakout hit. Specifically, I analyzed every member of the band. Mind you, this is before I actually got to know Wayne way, way later. He had brightly dyed orange hair and I described him in the journal as "Nice, but acts like a total rock star." Not so far from the true, actually, though age has mellowed Coyne into a sweet, attentive, insightful whose quirky charm is totally endearing. I've said it before: He's one of the nicest people I've ever met and he's always gone over and above for my son. That night at Q`101, I also met Steven Drozd, who I wrote in my journal as being "nice and cute," and he still is, and I love the man. 

(I'm chiefly doing this entry for my friend Veronica, who is suddenly mad crushing on Wayne.) 

Wayne, darling, you have aged spectacularly. I mean, holy shit. 

Here's the non Wayne, with the orange hair, circa 1993-19994: Non, Wayne:

Still a catchy tune. The hair, though, Wayne? 

Contrast that with present day Wayne Coyne, who is universally absolutely gorgeous. 

Oui, Oui  Mr. Coyne. 



Very Moon said...

Damn it, Anniekins, I had just convinced myself over Mac and cheese at Doyle's Pub tonight that ypthe crush was settling. Then you had to post a photo, and say how sweet and real he is. Yer killing me here. But, it was just what I needed.

You know what I loved about that breakout hit? It was like they wrote a love song to me. That maybe I wouldn't be too weird for someone to at least adore so much, to find all her quirks, and positively wallow in them, Vaseline and all. Still waiting for that person, but, with a song like that, I keep on holding out hope that one day, I won't be too weird for someone. Whenever that is, and it's actually safe enough for me to venture back into the arena again.

Meanwhile, I wouldn't turn down more photos of Wayne. They remind me of sweet morning dreams that help me think I'm worth loving.

No pressure, of course.

Very Moon said...

Also, I stand by what I said, I've yet to see a photo that really is a good quality and captures the essence of him, as I've seen you describe him. There are a few concert ones that folks have grabbed, posted on Instagram, but it's like a few seconds off. It's like he is just coming out of the moment where he forgets where he is, and is just in the music. I'm thinking if one specific one where it was close, I felt like.

Hell, I might be over tired. Mmm yes. Aged Wayne. Mm, mmm, mmm.

Andrea Miklasz said...

With regard to your 2nd comment, Very, Wayne Coyne truly has to be seen live to believe. I think all the pictures I have of him with myself and my various family members capture his gentlemanly sweetness, which is why i give him a 2-thumbs up "Oui!" for about the last decade or not. His "non" is completely because I didn't like his hair when I was 20 years old. He was nice enough, but when they emerged onto the mainstream scene, yes, he did kind of act like his shit didn't stink, whereas Michael (the bassist), Ronald (the other guitarist at the time) and Steven had literally no ego at all. But if I was Wayne, I'd have an ego too....

Look up my friend Ken Settle. He's at He shot an AMAZING set of the band last year or the year before. Ken's got an eye for the magical to pop out.

I love "Jelly." I got a little tired of it heavy rotation on Q101, but it wasn't unappreciated by me in terms of its ingenuity and originality.

Wayne really is just THAT kind. I have other photos of him I could send you with us together!!!!

Very Moon said...


I live revisiting this particular blog. Especially after a couple glasses of wine. He sure did age beautifully.