Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hello, Fellow Drummers. To Those Who Google "Offbeat Drummer..."

To all of my fellow drummers out there:

If you Google "offbeat, for a drummer" or "offbeat drummer" or "offbeat drums" or "offbeat drums" or "what is offbeat for a drummer?" or even "offbeat drumming mom" and expect to find a blog that's remotely about drumming patterns, techniques or even gear, you're not going to find it on my site, with my apologies in advance. I like to ramble on about music frequently, but not strictly in the realm of the art of drumming. 

"Rhythms from the Offbeat Drummer" is a play on words, as I *am* a drummer, but I don't write about drumming very often, unless it's a post about my band, or a link to my band's work, or if I'm regaling a story about my vintage Rogers kit. You're more than welcome, encouraged even, to pull up a chair and visit my posts. 

Just for shits and giggles, though, this is my kit:, a mid 70's maple Rogers kit with a Dynasonic snare. Some crappy Sabian cymbals, some sweet Zildjian A-Series. And I play with Vic Firth 7A Nylon sticks. I also play hand drums (congas, djembe, etc.) 

I don't get to use this kit very often, as I'm relegated to an electronic kit when I play indoors, that I absolutely detest. That's in the changing status, now, though, and soon I'll be bringing the Rogers back inside, with a drum shield (some squares were bitching I play too loudly, so I was given an electronic kit to quiet me down..)

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