Saturday, April 28, 2012

Freaky Shit. And serious shit.

Long-Term Relationshipville:

On "Friending" people on Facebook, and how I got blocked by the homophobic pro-lifer I argued with:

My new mantra. 

Finally, a test to see how near or far-sighted you are. I could see Einstein with my glasses on, and Monroe without them on. Freaky shit, as promised.

Still waiting for a Superman:

When in doubt, remember, "God's got it."

Never doubt my strength, my fortitude. I am, as my son said, "invincible."

Finally, what's up with this creepy Jesus in the operating room? I'm all about Him inspiring doctors to do great work, but the least Jesus could do is change into scrubs and sanitize this hands.

That is all.

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