Monday, March 19, 2012

For The Office Support Staff at Balderdash & Verities

For the first day in, well, months, the office staff at Balderdash & Verities didn't check in on the Offbeat Drummer during the work day from either the practice or their phones. Did they finally get their asses kicked by the doctors for their time and money wasting, or did I (with a little help from my friends) just outwit and confuse them beyond their intellect? Perhaps a mix of both, seeing as I ratted on them to their superiors. Maybe they're on a "Boycott Annie" kick. Suits me just fine.

I'm hoping the cat and mouse game is over. It is and was imbecilic crap that never should've happened and I told the doctors that I didn't want to bother them with this petty bullshit and I'd take care of it on my end, and they could do what they had to do on their end.

Should the staff return to the blog in the future to catch up on all the assumed "dirt," I'd ask them to watch and listen to this video, which is the final message I desire to send to the practice.

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