Wednesday, April 23, 2008

f I were a woman in a polygamist cult, I’d at least lobby for better hair.

10:55 AM me: moving on, what is up with the hair-do's of those women in the polygamy sect?
Brad: i know. hawt!
me: talk about a glamour don't!
Brad: plus they all have the same facial features
10:56 AM that's just how they roll
me: They said today that foster care is trying to keep all the brothers and sisters in the same house...but aren't they all?
Those women scare me.
Brad: you're just jealous because they had a man in their life
me: ouch
still, you wouldn't catch me in one of those dresses!
10:57 AM Brad: yes i would. they would slow you down a lot
they dress like amish. big deal
that's what happens when you make your own clothes
10:58 AM me: no, the Amish have those apron thingys on the front...these are just blech
Brad: in fact, that look is common amongst orthodox christian cults
not illinois amish
me: well, the orthodox Christinan cults need a serious Gay Eye makeover.
Brad: rccist!
er... racist!
me: oh shush
10:59 AM why won't that sect let the men talk?
to the media, I mean
Brad: who said the men can't talk?
i think the men don't want to
me: you never see the dudes talk, only the robot women
11:00 AM Brad: people will be more sympathetic to the mothers. just damage control
i've seen pics of the men
me: are they hot?
11:01 AM Brad: i don't know how to judge that
me: homophobe
11:02 AM Brad: no, i honestly don't know how to judge that
i look at a guy. the gal next to me say, ooh he's hot. i'm all "huh?"
me: really?
11:03 AM ok, make it simple. You are nice looking. Do they resemble you? If so, there ya go.
Brad: people don't look like me. i'm unique
11:04 AM besides, i wouldn't recognize myself walking down the street
me: "Hey, there I am!"
Brad: i recognize people more by their hair than their face
me: but you're weird
Brad: if someone i'm not htat familiar with changes their hairstyle, i won't know who they are
11:05 AM me: ah ha.
I didn't goop up my hair this morning. I washed-and-went.
So it's not sticking up in 20 different directions.
Brad: cool

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