Wednesday, February 20, 2008

City Mouse, Country Mouse.

City Mouse, Country Mouse
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Cows. Corn. Urban Girl Sounds Totally Dumb Conversing with Farm Raised Boy....

: barn rasing is more fun
me: did you ever pull calves out of cows when you were a kid?
Brad: usually don't have to. saw it done once, though
dad had to last month. cow almost took out him and the vet
me: oh my
can't imagine the cow would've been very happy at that point.
Brad: she had a calf hanging out of her for a couple hours
me: Ack. Hopefully not breech!
Brad: dad chased her around in the cold for about an hour crossing the creek half a dozen times
yes, breech
me: holy crap!
your dad's a bad ass!
Brad: he's 70
me: can't you just stun the cow?
Brad: with what?
me: I don't know!
Brad: a hammer?
me: a dart?
Brad: hah. no
i mean... why bother?
me: "Here, Bessie, you'll forget all about your crotch pain with a swift blow to the head!"
Brad: then you'd have to lift it somehow
me: oh this is true. Bad idea.
what's your dad's main crop or $$ maker?
Brad: corn and soybeans. that's what everyone grows there
me: knee high by the 4th of July, baby!
Brad: that doesn't mean shit
just a nice rhyme
me: I know, but my grandma used to say it all freaking summer
Brad: it's usually 5'+ by the 4th
me: So if you're 9 feet tall, then that's true.

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