Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Picture says a Thousand Words. I'll be brief.

Riot Fest, 2014

Hey, at least I didn't post the photo here of me trying to eat his cheek with my smoochies. Er, wait.

We had no cell signals, so it was almost impossible to find one another. 2 bars of reception = no es bueno. But eventually we did. 

We got quite a giggle making fun of Guy.

We had fun talk, serious talk, sarcastic talk, deep and vapid thoughts, and lots of laughs. He's too sweet for words. Wayne, meanwhile, oddly didn't stick around and visit with anyone and took off with his girlfriend back to the bus. 

Steven, Luke and I enjoyed a nice long, overdue visit. 

Security was a bitch. Literally.

No more festivals for me....ever. Steven said if that were they case, he'd agree and not do any if he could help it. 

The Flaming Lips show was fantastic, well, until they blew out all the power, which came back on.

Luke and I got stuck in the mud. Deeply. Badly. Valium-worthy.

We walked approximately 5k and not prepared for that AT ALL. Humboldt Park is BIG and the signage for the entrance was MILES AWAY. 

We missed most of Wu Tang Clan while Luke was lifting me out of mud quicksand.

We didn't have the best view of the Lips, but Luke got up in front for "Lucy in the Sky With Dimonds," (the Miley-free version) and his mind was blown away. I'll post that video when he's done editing it. 

The Offbeat Drummer, The Onbeat Drummer, and my Offbeat Offbeat Offspring.

Steven loved Luke's hair and agrees, he should never cut it. It's too cool. 

Rating: Lips + Steven = 100%
The entire rest of Riot Fest = -2,000%



BMF said...

Man, I was literally a foot away at Riot Fest when the power blew! I didn't see you!

Andrea Miklasz said...

I couldn't move anyway to find you because I was stuck in the mud again. I'm glad it all worked out in the end! Love you to the moon and back! :)

Rob Cheney said...

Great pictures glad you had your long awaited catch up :)
I would rather see an artist at their own show than at a festival but beggars cant be choosers sometimes.

Andrea Miklasz said...

IF it's any consolation, Steven hates doing festivals too. He had to do another Riot Fest in Denver last week, but we connected in the middle of the night when neither of us could sleep. He's home now for about 2 weeks off.

I'm still processing how much he admired Luke. I think he wants *somebody* minding me 24/7, and he's glad it's Luke. He passed the Drozd test. He literally said Luke was an incredible human being.

They're doing a benefit concert for George Harrison at the
end of the month, and I know he's doing drums on the Spoons' "I, Me Mine," and then he and Wayne are doing "It's All Too Much." He's taking Daniel, which will have to be a trip. I'd love to see that show. But airfare to Los Angeles right now is too $$$. I expect a full report when he gets back! I know Steven's anxious to meet Dhani Harrison. I expect a full report afterwards!!!!!

Rob Cheney said...

Having said that our local festival is great but i am sure its different when its work a long way from home

BMF said...

Festivals just suck because the band doesn't get to play a full set, they're rushed in and out, and don't get a chance to see or visit with anyone, usually. Security sucks and it's not like a regular show. Then there were all those poor people stuck deep in the mud and it was really cold; just a nightmare. Rob, the Lips played at your Bestival, right?

Rob Cheney said...

The lips have done a couple of bestivals on the island 2013 and 2010 and 9 months later my son was born 5 days before the London Soft Bulletin show!

Rob Cheney said...

I would like to say that the
Iips encouraged conception but that would be a lie as my partners not à fan in her words "the music is good but the singer likes the sound of his own voice a bit too much and says mother fucker way too often which just304 annoys me"

Andrea Miklasz said...

HAHA Vyk!!!!

I think he does like the sound of his own voice. He may disagree.

Did you go to the festival when William was 5 days old?

Rob Cheney said...

No that was a lips dinosaur Jr and deerhoof show at Alexandra palace London. She had only got out of hospital the day before and had no intention of going anyhow, but was very keen I went

Andrea Miklasz said...

Vyk is one hell of an understanding, compassionate and loving woman to let you go off to London while she was caring for a newborn. But then again, come on, it's the LIPS.

BMF said...

Funny, I thought The Flaming Lips were the bastions of people being barren. They better watch it. They don't pay child support!!

Rob Cheney said...

Vyk is a top sort one of the best!
Not going to put it in a child support claim as our little chap is the best thing that has happened to us

BMF said...

My little chap is incredible, especially now that he's old enough to do things with where he understands what's going on. His sister, on the other a handful. They are total opposites.

Andrea Miklasz said...

My little chap nearly missed the bus by 5 minutes today! Luckily, Mom's an insomniac and dragged him out of bed in the nick of time. No time to shower? Too bad. I'm driving him today.