Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tear Down the Wall

I, frankly, don't see where or why I have negated the philosophy of an educational institution.

I'm supposed to trust someone "weirded out" by my blog just because he/shes's got issues about my writing and opinions which might dissuade a young person from spending $250k on a degree?

Let's play Jeopardy, sweetums.

You're all "weirded out." That's what keeps you coming back for more.


Jesus Christ, my point in blogging is to "weird" all of you out. What other joy could I garner, except from helping hundreds, if not thousands of people with a voice of psychological help which can and does impact tons of people. "Write a book," all my professors tell me.

 My blog is simple: If you're interested in crock pot recipes, you've landed in the wrong yard and I should hope you'd pick up your doggy doo-doo. Sorry.

The Offbeat Drummer refuses to be silenced.


BMF said...

Who's knickers are in a twist over your blog now, Annie? People don't like to hear the truth, as brutal as it might come across sometimes.

I kind of suspect you'll explain yourself after whatever dust may settle. Until then, hang tight. You DO help a lot of people whose voices would otherwise be silenced. When you're not crabbing about Guy, of course.

While you explained briefly what's going on, I'm going to expect a full report when you can.

Whatever you do, don't give into THE MAN.


Andrea Miklasz said...

I've self-imposed a (very unnatural) gag order on myself until I'm sure school won't mess w/my living stipend. I'll explain it all on the phone this weekend. I will say that I found the perp of the scathing email to the powers-at-be, and blocked them to a bogus site, which'll "weird them out" worse than my blog does, because I am smarter than he/she is. I asked Meg, "How dumb do I look?" and she had a very positive response. Don't worry, BMF, I won't give into "the man."

Please, I haven't crabbed about Guy for weeks; chiefly, because I haven't heard from him.