Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Keep Hope Alive"

This young fella, Chance, had been staying with my brother, Steve, before the accident in May. He's played with Steve's church band, and now he's on his own with a band called Nothing by Chance. They just released this incredibly powerful new song/video clip which features my brother's early struggles after the accident.

Made. Me. Bawl.

But in a good way.

Steve's come a hugely long way since this clip was produced (maybe) a month ago. His arm cast has been removed. He's walking with a walker and scooting around the house. I have video of that too, I just can't get it uploaded from my phone. The surgeon said on Monday that if Steve continues to heal at the rate he's going, he can drive in 3 weeks! God is good ALL THE TIME.

Anyway, here's Not By Chance's Clip, with "Keep Hope Alive," featuring Steve Miklasz:

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BMF said...

Incredibly powerful. Not a big fan of Christian contemporary, but this wasn't overwhelming and your brother is SUCH an inspiration. Get those drums upstairs and get him conditioned...it'll strengthen him u a ton! :)