Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Appreciate Steven Drozd Occasionally Appreciating Me.

Yippee! This talented young genius man is celebrating a birthday today.

Thank you for, like, saving me the extensive research required to remember the name of the bar on "Three's Company" after I offer you improbable suggestions as to what to do in London late at night after a show. 

And thank you for answering that whole "What's with Guy(s) and women's shoes?" crisis at like 3am Brazil time (sorry). 

Thank you for pretty much being the only person I can talk to about....Funyuns.

Thank you for the tip on how to use paper towels to dampen the tone of my drums. Worked like a charm. All of your musical suggestions work like a charm, now that I think about it.

Thank you for telling me to shut the fuck up more politely than warranted when I am annoying you with my shit.

Thank you for all the times we have mutually brow-wiped after our brushes with near-mortality (I'm way in the lead) from disease, habits and/or misadventure and for introducing me to Yin Yoga (yes, I'm trying the spine series).

Thank you for your pragmatism and unique understanding and perspective on lots of things a lot of people haven't been challenged by.

Thank you for not chastising me for listening to the "Xanadu" soundtrack.

Thank you for all of the opportunities to see you play and hug you awkwardly long.

Thank you for being so immensely, consistently critical though entertained by my soap opera relationship with a certain cardiologist who no, we still haven't figured out. Thank you for *not* pointing out that I keep pestering you about him after every time I tell you I will never mention him again.

Thank you for not tightening my straight jacket belts when I suggested opening a chain of themed restaurants called "Jeff Lynne's Chicken Shack," because I think it's a million dollar idea.

Thank you for surrounding yourself with a beautiful family.

Thank you for being so damn witty all the time!

Thank you for being one of the First Responders to all of my "Does every Guy?" Guy questions.

Thank you for not responding with "...I'd be a lot more sane if you'd go away!" when I suggested the song including the statement "God Only Knows what I'd be without you (in stereo)."

Thank you for surviving. Thank you for making really good decisions. Thank you for inspiring so many people by being such a nice person. 

I hope every dream you ever have that brings you joy comes true.

I think out of all of the pictures of you, this one is my favorite. 

Happy Birthday, Steven.


We're such cute people!


BMF said...

So sweet, Annie.

Anonymous said...

You know him? He's fucking gorgeous.