Monday, May 13, 2013

A Mutha Day's Quick Tale

God said, "Annie, I have SO MUCH AWESOME with which to bless you, challenge you, overwhelm you, fiercely protect you, make you laugh, make you proud, cuss, moan, pester, intellectually stimulate, frustrate and unconditionally love you & believe in your unstoppable natural fortitude and strength (which you'll pass on), that I can only pack it all into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by virtue of ONE gift."

Me: "Um.....God? Have you thought this through? I kind of have a habit of yuckin' stuff up and most of the time, I feel undeserving."

God: "You won't this time. Even when--especially when--people might try to convince or accuse you of yuckin' stuff up, your heart will be filled with the fruits of and knowledge of having done right by Me and by this gift."

Me: "If You say so...."

[Fast forward 13 years]

Me: "God, thank you. Luke's every bit of what You promised & 1,000 times more."

God: ;)

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