Friday, February 10, 2012

Seizure the Day!

Well, I had my visit with Stosh this afternoon. He deduced that what happened to me last Tuesday morning had to have been a seizure. I don't have diabetes. The glucose tolerance test was relatively normal. My sugar didn't plummet all over the place; in fact, it rose to 152 during hour 2 of the test, which is high. I'm a little anemic right now. Could be because I get 3 periods a month...Otherwise, I'm doing alright, though I was chastised for driving myself to the doctor when I'm not supposed to be driving. Whoops. So the list of possible diagnoses grows: I could have epilepsy, which would be very manageable, MS, which would suck but would be manageable, or cerebral vasculitis (which would suck the most royally of all 3 possibilities). Tatus said "Yeah, YOU on steroids...." Ya'll want to see me turn into a 200 lb stark raving maniac bitch? Put me on steroid therapy. It'll happen, I guarantee. I'd sooner die. Hopefully, MS research and treatment has come farther in the last decade than I was able to discern on the internet.

Patti brought up a valid question. A couple weeks ago, (TMI ALERT) I had diarrhea in my bed sometime overnight. Woke up rolling around in it, which was fucking disgusting. She wonders if I had a seizure during the night that could've caused me to lose control of my bowels. Losing control over bodily functions is another symptom of MS. So is the double vision, black outs, pass outs, double vision, the pain I experience in the morning that was chalked up to fibromyalgia. So all of these symptoms could point to MS.

Tatus and I finally connected via phone. I'm bummed out because he invited me to a museum shindig with a group of people tomorrow (including The Wife and his sister and possibly one of his children and assorted friends) but alas and I can't go because I have to be at band at 4:30, then I have to help out with the (ick) Sweetheart Dance (a fundraiser for Luke's work camp this summer) after church. We were both disappointed at the missed chance to get together, but solidified plans to get together the week of my 4-year sobriety anniversary, though he's having 2nd thoughts about taking me for a tattoo. A) Yes, he's a doctor but squeamish about needles (MAN UP!) and watching a tattoo and B) he's squeamish about ME getting a tattoo. (He sort of flipped out when his daughter came home with one.) So he's giving me the parental "We'll see about that" to that part of the plan. Fuck that. I know he's my father "figure" but I'm 39 years old. Plus, he usually gives in when I want to do something, so I think I can wrangle him into it. If he won't, I know Christa will be happy to go along with me to get inked. And by God, I'm gonna get inked if it's the last thing I do. Anyway, Tatus worked long hours all week and didn't get a chance to call me; I was erroneous in thinking something was awry. As usual.

Tonight is band practice where we'll be practicing 2 new songs. It's something like if you aren't prepared to practice these 2 new songs, you'll have to sit them out during practice. I've listened to each one extensively, but I honestly have been, suffice it to say, a little busy to practice my drums, so I don't know them all that well. I've notated my music, but I never played them physically on my drums. That's always challenging and my guitarist/leader's just going to have to understand that. I have an upset stomach just thinking about practice tonight. So does one of my vocalists, who can't get the opening of one of the new songs down. It'd all be totally worth it if the songs weren't utter and complete shit, but that's just my personal opinion.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

Well, practice went about as well as could be expected. I was having GI issues all evening, which hindered my performance, there was discontent between the singers, the keyboardist got frustrated with everyone for not know knowing their parts on the new songs, and with the exception of continuing to come in late on one of the new songs, I rocked it out, totally improvised with no practice in the month I've had the CD's with the music on them. I do alright making up rhythms as I go along with the band and just pay attention to the breaks in the music. You'd never know I hadn't been at church all month to practice the songs, but it's been a helluva month. I've said it before and I'll say it again--I play by ear. I make up my parts as long as I go along with our band, not the professionally released recording, not even with the guitarist and keyboardist playing the song and giving it to me on CD. My health was simply too messed up to practice drums this month, something that I'd hope my band would understand. Meh, same old band bullshit. Egos, egos and more egos. And it's volunteer work! For God! For Crissakes!

(Pandora perfection: The Beatles' "I Am the Walrus" just as Luke emerges from the bathtub.)

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