Monday, May 12, 2008

This Root Beer is BIG DADDY SIZED!

This Root Beer is "Big Daddy Size."
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My mom had a 38 oz bottle of root beer for me to consume in her refrigerator. 38 oz seems like an odd size for a bottle of pop, but what was more interesting was that it was labeled as being "BIG DADDY SIZE." It's taken me roughly 4 visits to my mother's house to finish said "BIG DADDY SIZE" root beer, which affirms that in no way am I anywhere close to being a "BIG DADDY." Not that the threat of such a moniker has been keeping me up at night, mind you...

Yesterday, I had the gleeful opportunity to make friends with 2 adorable baby bunnies whose hole was in the little garden plot right outside my mom's back door. I was sitting on the stoop having a smoke when they saw me with their wide, innocent eyes, and instead of burying themselves back in their cozy home, they came outside, tame as can be, and proceeded to scamper and nibble, until one, who I affectionately coined "Foo-Foo" sat right by my foot. I let him smell my hand, which he did, and life was good. Soon after, they returned to their hole, their mommy already most likely gone, until I came out for another smoke, and they came back to visit. By this time, the whole family was "awwing" and "ooohing" and the bunnies showed nary a smidge of fear.

This nary a smidge of fear probably was their downfall, for this morning, I received a teary phone call from my mom that both of the baby bunnies had been killed (and worse, mangled) overnight. It fell upon me today to clean up their tiny remains and deduce that it was all a part of nature, though if I get my hands on the squirrel who was probably responsible, I'll show him why it's dangerous to play in the street. My mom neglected to mention that one of the baby bunnies WAS MISSING IT'S HEAD this morning, which made the bunny burial all the more disturbing. R.I.P., Foo Foo.

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