Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No Bones About It: A Car Conversation with Lucas

Luke: "Daddy and Grandma and I are going to bury Grandpa Gordon's ashes in Colorado this summer."

Me: "Yeah, I heard. That should be interesting."

Luke: "It's so gross that Grandpa is ashes in a container. There are body parts and stuff in it."

Me: "Grandpa doesn't really care much at this point."

Luke: "But who would want their body parts burned when they die?"

Me: "Lots of people. I do when I die. Again, you don't care what happens to your body parts if you're already dead."

Luke: "I want to be put in a tomb."

Me: "Then tell your wife and your children at the appropriate time."

Luke: "Bones aren't solids."

Me: "Yes, they are."

Luke: "No, they're powder held together with some sticky stuff."

Me: "Um, no, they're porous, made of calcium and phosphorous, and fibers and tissue...so...solid. In fact, after your body decomposes, all that's left is the bone of the skeleton."

Luke: "I pooted."

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amy said...

Oh Annie,

Luke is going to just love that all of his words are saved forever online!