Monday, March 24, 2008

Poor Pat Boone.

Poor Pat Boone.
Current mood: annoyed
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Last night, I was far off in dreamland when I awakened myself sitting upright in my bed, and saying aloud, like honestly, in a loud voice, "I’m so fucking tired of Pat Boone!"

As if that wasn’t strange enough, when I went back to sleep, I was still dreaming about Pat Boone, and I sent my friend Amy T. to dispose of him. How Ames was supposed to accomplish this, I’m not sure. I doubt I cared.

Craig reminded me this afternoon that our moms were talking about Pat Boone after Easter dinner, and while I wasn’t directly involved in the conversation, I must have overheard something. Specifically, Craig overheard his mom tell my mom, "Shake the hand that once shook the hand of Pat Boone." Evidently, this was enough in my subconscious to throw me directly over the proverbial Pat Boone ledge.
In other innocuous anecdotes, Craig had the following exchange with Luke over the weekend.

Craig (at night, up to his neck in Luke’s incessant blabber): "Luke, please stop it. You’re being irritating."

Luke: "Dad, I’m not being irritating. I’m being a nuisance."


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