Friday, July 17, 2015

Why Do Defensive, Ann Coulter?

I didn't say you were transgender, but even if you were, why would you be so defensive and testy about it? What's the big shame issue? No one's accusing; they're just speculating. It's human nature. Perhaps concentrating on your being one of the world's meanest, crappiest quasi-journalists would be a better use of your time, instead of threatening lawsuits against EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY website that might imply that you may possibly be transgender. If you're 100% chick, rock it out, sister. Frankly, I don't care about your gender issues...I just think you're a bitch.

I will say, however, that your Adam's apple is INDEED impressive.

[Hiding under a bush]


Anonymous said...

For months, Coulter has denied the terrorist threat posed by Islamic jihad here in America. Now, she proposes that we do nothing about those terrorists currently in the U.S.

See “Coulter Denies Islamist Threat” at

Andrea Miklasz said...

Because she's an uneducated fucknut!

Maggie Jean said...

Ha! Indeed.