Thursday, March 20, 2014

So That Asshole Fred Phelps Finally Croaked

I'm no theologian, and I suppose everyone on his death bed can atone for his sins, however grievous they might be, but I have a hard time believing Fred Phelps (founder of the Westboro Baptist Church) did such a thing. He was too full of hatred and malice, be that the product of Satan disguised as a religious Christian organization or just a consortium of crackheads. Thus, it's a reasonable assumption that if there is a hell, Phelps is burning in it right now. He died today. I wore rainbow socks today. Coincidence? Picture taken on my rainbow-colored Beatles blanket:

I'm not into spreading a message of hate, nor am I supportive of what claims to be a "church" indoctrinating its members (especially children) with anti-ANYTHING, be that running the gamut from the relatively unbelievable story of Noah's ark, pro-life or anti-homosexual.

Neil deGrasse Tyson for President!

Westboro pretty much hated everyone who wasn't white, conservative, heterosexual and Bible-pounding. Maybe even more minorities of which I'm unaware. Protesting just about everything not sanctioned by Christ Himself, Phelps and his minions gave Christianity a really, really, really bad name. Baptists, especially, who are conservative and a little nutty, but not inherently bad people. (Hey, the same can be said for my own denomination, Lutherans.)

To encourage, demand or otherwise advocate that a child protest against homosexuals, war veterans or any other group Westboro hated was reprehensible. What's worse? Now that their "leader" is deceased, the hate mongering will just perpetuate in his memory. It's like no matter how many counter-signs or protests REASONABLE PEOPLE WITH A MODICUM OF SENSE AND COMPASSION hold or hold up, how on earth do we stop these people? Are they operating under the auspice of the First Amendment? Yes. Still. Are they the even worse, modern-day version of the KKK (which still exists, but is quieter)? Yes.

In a documentary I'd seen on Westboro, none of the children holding up protest signs knew WHY they were protesting. They didn't know what "fags" were. They didn't know what anyone had done wrong to warrant going to hell. They were just drones raised by even dumber drones. Is that the message of love and understanding taught by Christ or any of the other deities? Hardly.

Counter-hate-mongering by REASONABLE PEOPLE WITH A MODICUM OF SENSE AND COMPASSION serves no purpose. The old "two wrongs don't make a right." I am vehemently pro-homosexual, while heterosexual, and pro-liberalism and civil rights, even though I am a follower of Christ who happens to attend a conservative Lutheran church for worship (I tend to disagree with most everything in their doctrine, but it's where I've been raised for 42 years). 

In the spirit of spirituality and what's taught by God as I understand and accept Him in all His forms, I am clinging by a thread to the words of a gay man who has earned my respect one hundred fold, George Takei. A tormented soul, Phelps was. That's most certainly true.

Quite frankly, I don't foresee Fred Phelps resting in peace, ever. Nor should he. 

For sure, he won't meet Freddie Mercury.


Anonymous said...

You're Lutheran? YOU can rot in Hell.

Andrea Miklasz said...

Really? Is that a problem for you?

Pretty bold for an anonymous comment.

I don't necessarily agree with a lot of what my church preaches, but I still respect my congregation and fellowship, and we certainly wouldn't postulate the same hatred as Westboro.

Anonymous said...

God hates you